Monday, January 4, 2016

Watch Leh Keen drive his Safari 911

"For the full story on Leh Keen's "Safari 911," read the December 2015 issue of Porsche Panorama magazine:

In top-level racing there is a handful young drivers who also are avid car collectors, and the owner of this 911 SC is one of them. This Porsche, however, is hardly a collector car, rather a strengthened, protected, off-road-ready driver that's more at home on dirt than pavement. It's the perfect form of recreational transportation for professional racer Leh Keen.

"As soon as you go up and down a dirt road and fly around a corner, and dust and rocks are flying up, and you're in a 911, it all comes together. It all makes sense — it's like a really, really nice Baja Beetle," Keen says in "Safari 911" by Tom M'Guinness, in the December 2015 Porsche Panorama.

The photos in the article do an excellent job illustrating the excitement of driving this glorified "Baja Beetle," and we think you will enjoy seeing it in action. For the full story on Keen's 911, including details on the , be sure to read the December 2015 Panorama."

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