Friday, August 16, 2013

Tucano Urbano Nano - Bullet Jacket and Pants

A couple of days ago I bought the Tucano Urbano Nano Jacket and Pants in black.
First of all, the rain jacket is something I have ever had in my scooter and/or motorcyle since it is something that saves you
from an un-planned drive under the rain but also from a cold evening when you decide to stay away from home more than you predicted when you left your home.
The problem is: jacket + pants or the complete dress in one piece?
I choose the first one since the two items are more easy going when you decide to wear the jacket for protecting you from a cold day of november as well as from a little rain during the shopping in the city center of your town. Furthermore having two pieces is easier to be filled in the places under the saddle or in the tank bag.
My dad and a couple of friends of mine uses the Tucano Urbano form a couple of years by now and they always talked me about them in such an enthusiastic way that I decided to substitue my 7 years-old equipment with them.
I choose a size XL both for the pants and jacket since I am 181 centimeters tall and since I always use a Dainese suit or Jacket with protections inside them. I have tried it over the jacket and I would say that an XXL would have been way too big for a walk in the city/countryside but not too big once on the motorbike since you have been able to put a bag under it.
Now some photos about the jacket and check it out since you have some new neon colors protecting you in those low-visibility conditions!

Jacket "Nano Bullet 762":
Pants "Panta Nano 733":

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