Tuesday, November 12, 2013

850hp Electric Racing Car: Driving the Drayson B12/69EV -- /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

"The batteries only last 10-15 minutes, but when it's running this thing scrambles your brain. Welcome to the future."

 The Lola Drayson B12/69 EV is Drayson Racing Technologies’ biggest green tech project to date and a collaboration between a number of our technical partners. The B10 Le Mans Prototype (LMP) car, which was originally powered by a 5.5 litre bio-fuelled Judd engine has been converted to pure electric drive. Our aim is to produce the fastest electric racing car in the world and one which show cases some of the best technology in the electric car industry.

Drayson Racing Technologies have designed a complete electric drivetrain which has been integrated into the existing chassis resulting in an extremely exciting package which produces zero emissions. Designed to the highest standards of quality and safety, this car is being used to develop drivetrain technologies and systems to be used in a wide variety of future projects from road to race and truly demonstrates the philosophy of using the racing track as a laboratory for the development of next generation electric car technologies.


www.draysonracingtechnologies.com Drayson Racing sets 4 Electric Land Speed Records

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