Monday, November 25, 2013

Nike Allover Vapor Flash Running Jacket

"Click for more details. My review of the Nike Vapor (Vapour) Flash running jacket. 

- unmatched, super visibility (works great on overcast days as well) 
- very well made, fit and finish - very good fit and articulation (trim, athletic fit, i.e. not for fatties) 
- unique 
- people will stop and ask you about your jacket 

- expensive 
- material is not breathable 
- external layer pools sweat, issue if worn in reverse 
- hood bounces (although, it can be latched down) 
- not 100% windproof, waterproof due to perforations for venting 
- water residue shows if you hang dry (does not affect reflectivity) 
- people will stop and ask you about your jacket 

Who's It For? 
- Serious runners who run a lot at night in urban settings. 
- Posers who want a cool looking jacket for clubbing. 
- Makes a great cycling jacket too."

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