Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Car Maniacs : Life With Le Mans' - XJ220LM 962C 767B モーターヘッド 4k

Motorhead magazine teams up with to give you a glimpse into the life of three young at heart car maniacs that own three extremely unique Le Mans' cars, the Mazda 767B, a Jaguar XJ220LM and the already famous road going Porsche 962C. You may think these cars should be put in a garage or museum for safe keeping, but that is not the case here. Some of them still spend their lives racing around the circuit while others can be found hunting the streets for speed.

­220レーシングLM、シュパンポルシェ962C、マツダ767Bが街中を疾走する姿­はおそらく世界初公開!モーターヘッドとMaiham Mediaがコラボレートした「ルマン・マシンがある生活」ぜひ、お楽しみください。

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