Monday, March 24, 2014

Anselmo Luisi EVERYTHING IS PERCUSSION - Ep. 1: Toothbrush Percussion + Body Percussion + TEDxUniTn

Proud to post those videos from this friend of mine!

"Anselmo Luisi is a 23-year-old drummer, classical and body percussionist. He started playing drums when he was 7 and has never stopped. He performed in classical operas with worldwide known conductors and in many jazz festivals throughout Italy followed by the recent performance at the Palalottomatica in Rome with a body percussion ensemble in front of 8.000 people. Anselmo Luisi will perform body percussion, which is a fascinating technique where the only instrument being played is one's own body. Claps, stomps, finger snaps and much more will involve the audience in this unforgettable performance to experience the amazing timbric variety a body may unveil."

Here you are the link to his Youtube page:

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