Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Raw Food Tour of Paris with Julien Pham of Fricote Magazine: Part 1, 2 and 3

Part 1 : "Often considered the world's culinary mecca, Paris' greatest assets is perhaps its endless array of restaurateurs and the like who share a massive passion for food. In the first part to our Food Tour of Paris with Julien Pham of Fricote Magazine and Warsteiner, we look into the culinary efforts of Bertrand Grébaut and his three establishments. Bertrand Grébaut is arguably at the forefront of the next generation of energetic young chefs looking to make their mark on the French food capital with concepts both unique and of quality."

Part 2 : "In part 2 of our food tour of Paris with Julien Pham of Fricote Magazine and Warsteiner, we look at a youth-centric generation of restaurateurs making their mark in the French capital. In this video, we delve into the culinary visuals of three Parisian restaurants: Michalak Masterclass created by Christophe Michalak, La Pointe Grouin and CheZ Aline which focus on the important key ideals of high quality products delivered in a unique fashion and sold at an accessible price. Whether the head chef at the eatery is world-renowned, or the establishment survives simply on positive word of mouth, Julien shows us that his suggestions are ones to that will certainly delight the olfactory nerves."

Part 3 : "In the final part of our exploration into the Parisian edible delights, guided by Fricote Magazine's Julian Pham, in association with Warsteiner we take a look at the basics of what makes a great meal. Home to some of the highest quality ingredients in the world, Julien explores establishments that are renowned for artisanal foods such as preserved French candies, cured meats and food court/market place hybrids. Expertly guiding you through the city with almost too much to offer, Julien exemplifies how his eye for culinary perfection lead him to start and run a magazine of such high calibre that is Fricote."

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